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Endangered Species Growing Rapidly June 8, 2006

Posted by underthesea14 in Dolphins.

In a conference on Wednesday, June 8th, information was released that the population of the Indus River Dolphin is on the rise. In the 2001 survey, it was reported that only 725 of these creatures existed. Now with more that 1300 dolphins, the population seems to be taking a great turn.

The survey was taken by the Pakistan Wetlands Programme, a joint force of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Royal Netherlands Embassy, Global Environment Facility, Ministry of Environment and the World Wide Fund (WWF).

 The reason the Indus River dolphin could not seem to populate in earlier years was because of irrigation barriers. The barriers not only cut them from food sources, but also from possible mates. Pakistan’s enthusiasm to help these dolphins was great once the public eye was opened to the dangers facing the dolphins. The government of Pakistan used less irrigation blockades and when they did use a blockade, they made sure all dolphins were out of harm’s way.


Daily Times


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