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Happy World Oceans Day! June 7, 2006

Posted by underthesea14 in Announcments.

Finally, a day to celebrate 75% of Earth! World Oceans day will be celebrated on June 8th as a day to raise awareness about the water around us. Considering what the oceans have given us through the many years of human life, the least we could do is dedicate a day to them. Your local aquarium or marine laboratory may have special seminars or conventions helping to raise awarness about our oceans. Try contacting: 

– Mote Aquarium (Sarasota, FL) – World Ocean Day Family Festival

– Seattle Aquarium (Seattle, WA) – Whales in Every Ocean

– Blue Frontier Campaign (Washington, DC) – 50 Ways to Save the Ocean Book Tour

– Two Oceans Aquarium (Capetown, South Africa) – Foster Children Visit

A complete list of events can be found at the new World Ocean Day website: http://www.WorldOceanDay.org.
As a start to improving the condition of our world ocean, The Ocean Project is collecting signatures for a petition to the United Nations. A link to these petitions may be found at:

SOS(Save Our Seas)


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