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Catfish blamed for house fire May 9, 2006

Posted by Administrator in News.

A catfish has been pegged down as the main suspect for a fire in a house today, which nearly cost a woman and her two daughters their lives. Kipper, a 11 inch catfish, was having a fight with a neighboring catfish, when, supposedly, some water was spilt from the tank and fell onto an electric plug. This then caused the power to surge up the power cable to the tanks, light, which caused the plastic lid on the light to melt. The melted plastic of the lid then fell onto a leather sofa, causing it to burst into flames. Within minutes the blaze engulfed the Florida room as Sharron Killahena, twenty-five, and her children Nicole, six, and Kerry, two, slept upstairs in the house in Poole, Dorset. The landlord was thankfully there to save the day, having been woken up by the screaming smoke alarm. He came in and got everyone out of the house before they had a chance to be hurt. The whole house was burnt to the ground, and their six fish dead, but they were thankful that they are still here to tell the tale.




1. AnferTuto - July 27, 2007

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