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Magician David Blaine having medical problems during his amazing underwater stunt May 7, 2006

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David Blaine, a magician, is seven days into his eight day stunt underwater in a sphere, but is taking a toll on him physically.

"I think the time has started to really take its toll on my body. It has started to become horrific in many, many ways.  Every muscle doesn’t just ache, it feels like a sharp, shooting pain, like a knife being stabbed." Blaine said.

Blaine says that his skin hurts everywhere, along with his muscles, and doctors are getting very worried. His skin in deteriorating after all that time in the water. His muscles also started to atrophy. Blaine says he’s worried about it not only for the finale, but also for after the act.

"I don’t think it’s permanent, but I’ve never felt this kind of pain in a stunt before." He said.

Blaine has trained harder for this than for any other stunt. He trained with the Navy Seals, and even dropped 50 pounds so he could conserve oxygen better. He would have to spend eight days in a 2,000 gallon sphere completely submerged underwater. Than, at the end of those eight days, he would finish it with a record breaking 9 minute breath hold, while freeing himself from 150 pound chains. Now, he thinks he’s too weak to pull it off.

Pat Smith, the illusionist’s spokesperson said: "Doctors are concerned that he’s weakening. They are going to work with him through the weekend, trying to stabilize both his diet and his training regimen."

He has been taking liquid nourishment through a tube all week long. Hopefully he can pull through unharmed. We can only wait and see.


ABC News, Deeper Blue, The Sydney Morning Herald


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