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Woman possibly Port St. Lucie’s firt shark attack victim of 2006 May 4, 2006

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Rachel King was "out enjoying the beautiful weather" in a boat with some friends about 500-700 yards off of Hutchinson Island, when they decided to go for a swim.

"(Rachel) wasn’t in 10 seconds before she started screaming, ‘I got bit! I got bit!’" Mike Collins, a passenger aboard the boat, said.

King suffered two long cuts along her lower right leg, one 8 inches long, and one 10 inches long.

When the boat passengers hauled her back aboard, they stopped the bleeding with a towel. Then, they started to head back to shore, but ironically, the boat wouldn’t start. It was then that they called the coast guard.

People from the U.S. Coast Guard’s station as well as from the local fire station came to the site. They treated King for minor lacerations and puncture-like wounds.

"They might call (her injuries) minor, but not from my perspective. The skin was cut open like a butterfly shrimp" Collins said.


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