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Sighting of Pigeye shark said to be bad and good May 3, 2006

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The sighting of a rare Pigeye Shark (Carcharhinus amboinensis, also known to some as the Java shark) is said to be a mixed omen by Ichthyologists of the Italian Ichthyological Society.

It is a good sign, because these are relatively large shark, around 10 feet, and such need an abundant amount of fish to survive. Since they are not native to Rome, Italy, it only stands to show that a large amount of prey must have been around the city to sustain the shark. This would indicate that the waters are clean, so that the fish would stick around, thus attracting the sharks.

But, on the other hand, the Pigeye shark is a tropical species, and inhabits waters around Madagascar, Australia, and Indonesia. This would mean that the waters around Italy are heating up because of global warming.

"In recent years an increasing number of tropical species have been coming into the Mediterranean from the Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea," Dr. Alessandro De Maddalena said. Dr. De Maddalena is the president of the Italian Ichthyological Society.

"It is normal for the odd Whale Shark (Rhinchodon typus) and Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) to come here occasionally, but this trend is a little strange. We’re pretty sure they don’t breed here, so they are coming into the Mediterranean because it’s warmer."

As you may know, Tiger sharks and Whale sharks are also tropical species. This is another indication that global warming or something of the sort would have a hand in this.

These shark sightings are bad signs that global warming is closer than we think, despite what some people might say. If the waters of the world heat up, every ecosystem would be thrown off balance, which would carry devastating effects. Whether the systems were drastically effected, or minimally effected, the inhabitants would still be thrown off balance.

Some people say it is too late to stop the effects of global warming, I agree. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t change the way things are. Some countries have already gotten rid off all of their oil uses. Some countries are getting rid of them now. This might not help at all now, but after things fix themselves, it is sure to make a difference.

Make a difference: Don’t leave your TVs on at night when you go to bed. Turn off the lights when you aren’t in the room. Turn off all appliances when you leave the house for any amount of time. Every time you use an appliance, the electricity you use is created by the burning of fossil fuels, thus polluting the atmosphere further. Thanks for being considerate of your environment, of your world.


ANSA, EPA Global Warming Site, Global Warming.org


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