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Man gets bitten by Wobbegong May 3, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Sharks.

A 42-year-old man, who’s name was not disclosed, was snorkeling with his 12-year-old son, when he saw a Wobbegong shark about 6 1/2 feet long lying in 10 feet of water. He decided to swim down and to grab it by the tail in order to make it move along. Now, he only made this decision because he was under the impression that Wobbegong sharks are normally docile, how very wrong he was. As soon as he grabbed the shark, it was on him. He suffered six puncture wounds and grazing to his chest.

“I grabbed it by the back of its tail to get it up and mobile,” he said. “I’ve done it before, usually you just give Wobbies a flick on the tail and they go off. But this one sized me up and decided to have a go. I regret doing that now and I won’t be grabbing them again. I’ll have a bit more respect for wildlife now but it won’t stop me from diving.”

“It was a real crushing type bite and he was probably going for my mask,”

He, after being called a bloody idiot by his wife, went to the Caloundra Hospital, and had to be administered 8 numbing injections before his wounds could be cleaned out.

The man was snorkeling off of Moffat Beach (Queensland, Australia) on Tuesday evening.


Sunshine Coast Daily


1. rachel-may - November 21, 2006

well all sharks are terriotorial even the most dosile/tamed. maybe he should ave just left it to be and swam on. or maybe he was trying to impress his son… who knows. but as long as he didnt die then im sure he will remember it!!!

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