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Vietnamese underwater complex offers shark hunting May 2, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Sharks.

Now, the article doesn’t say much, but I’ve read it through many times to make sure I got it right. Apparently, an underwater complex opened by Hai Thanh Trading and Service Co. Ltd. offers shark hunting to guests at the price of, get this 110,000 (VND) per hour. Sounds like a lot? Wrong. it is exactly $6.90001 at the current rate of 1 USD = 15,942.00 VND (http://www.xe.com/). Oh, and that’s with diving gear. Without diving gear, it is only 80,000 VND per hour, only a measly $5.01819. This is to hunt sharks. What a shame. The article said:

"Hai Thanh Trading and Service Co. Ltd. inaugurated an underwater complex in HCM City where visitors can hunt sharks at VND110,000 per hour. It will cost VND80,000 if they choose not to hire diving gear."

Oh, and the article goes on to say that people can also "see thousands of ornamental fish, coral reefs, and many other rare marine creatures in an aquarium.". Things like this piss me off. Hunting sharks for 7 dollars.


Viet Nam News, XE Currency Converter


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