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Gasper the Beluga whale has life threatening illness, but is doing ok May 2, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Whales.

The much loved Gasper the Beluga whale is receiving medical attention from as far away as California and Connecticut for his life threatening illness. Gasper has an infection in his right pectoral flipper and his tail, called osteomyelitis. This disease hinders the blood flow to the area and can be very deadly if not corrected. "He's doing OK," Tim Binder said Sunday. Mr. Binder is the director of husbandry at the aquarium. All eight of the staff plus dozens of others scientists are working 'round the clock to help Gasper get better. Gasper lives in an 800,000 gallon with another beluga named Nico, and three female belugas. Gasper has been removed from his tank to be treated for the illness, and is being monitored for signs of depression. Let's hope he gets better.




1. Nancy Russell - August 8, 2006

Checking up on Gasper. Haven’t heard how he’s doing lately.

2. Takisha Paten - February 4, 2013

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