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Dead dolphins said to be victims of confused eco-location May 1, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Dolphins.

The several hundred dolphins that washed ashore Tanzania last Friday are said to have died of a natural cause known as confused eco-location. "The results of our investigations carried out since Friday shows that the dolphins died of natural disaster known as confused eco-location. Since the dolphins move in pools, and we think they were looking for food, unfortunately they were trapped or stranded during the tides," Narman Jidawi of the University of Dar es Salaam. They believe the dolphins were coming up from Southern Africa. The scientists said that since these particular dolphins were not Zanzibar dolphins, the Zanzibaris should not worry about their tourism, for they still have their dolphins. I wonder why the dolphins fell victim to confused eco-location? Maybe it has to do with sonar, it seems to have a grave effect on the whale's sensory organs.

In the end, all the dolphins carcasses were either eaten, buried, or thrown into the sea. People are having a tough time burying them, because there were so many. Some people have taken dolphins to be used for food, despite warnings from scientists. So far, all the people who have eaten the dolphin's meat are fine.




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