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Local Shark “Quasimodo” killed April 30, 2006

Posted by Administrator in Sharks.

Today in South Africa, the body of the beloved Quasimodo the Bull shark was found by divers. The shark has been coming to the reefs off of South Africa since 1994, and everyone is upset by her death.

"I have been diving with her since 1994. She was a beautiful creature and was not a threat to humans." Trevor Krull, a dive operator and the founding director of Shark Life said.

Shark diving off of South Africa is a major tourist attraction, and Quasimodo was an icon. "The divers and locals here are very upset. For years we have been trying to get the Environmental Affairs Department to see the urgency of protecting sharks, especially the Zambezis (Bull sharks). The killing of Quasimodo reiterates this urgency." Krull said.

This is a terrible thing for anyone to do. Police investigators think that the shark was killed by explosives. The reason why is thought to be because of the shark competing with the local fishermen.



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