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Scuba diver found unconscious April 29, 2006

Posted by Administrator in SCUBA News.

Today a scuba diver resurfaced after diving Flinders Reef at Moreton Island at around 8 am (AEST). The unconscious diver was winched aboard a helicopter, then flown to the Royal Brisbane Hospital. He suffered from Decompression Sickness (DCS), also known as the bends. This can be a serious illness if not dealt with within a few hours. When you breath compressed air at depth, you are getting a greater volume of air. You are also getting more nitrogen than at the surface, and the nitrogen is compressed into tiny bubbles. These bubble pas easily through your bloodstream, and when you breath out, they get expelled out once again. If you rise to quickly, the pressure is relieved from these bubbles so fast that they do not have enough time to be off gassed, and expand in your bloodstream, causing blockages that occur most commonly in your joints.


The Daily Telegraph, NAUI SCUBA diver instruction text book


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