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World’s first underwater museum April 30, 2006

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The world's first underwater museum has finally been completed. The museum is on the sunken Roman port, Caesarea. This is the first port that is accessible to citizens that is actually worth seeing, Sarah Arenson said. The port has been excavated over the span of the last three decades, and is finally ready for it's debut.

The port of Caesarea was a magnificent harbor built by King Herod to honor his Roman patron, Caesar Augustus. The port was built around 2000 years ago.

The exhibits cover a area of about 87,000 square yards. It has trails for snorkelors, beginning divers, and advanced divers. There are also some accessible by shore.

I don't know if this museum is open to the public yet, or what website to go to find out more information.You can Google it or read the article.